• Health Promotion Plan

    Health Promotion is the most common employee health benefit offered by company. It includes Smoking Session, Weight Control, Sleep Management, Pressure Management, Maternity Care, Pediatric Care, Chronical Disease Management, etc.

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    Health promotion includes health education and activities. By encouraging employees to attend events and learn skills that are beneficial for their health, employers can gain more loyalty from their employees and improve work productivity as well.


    Market Benchmark:

    In China, Typical health promotion activities are conducted by existing providers(such as health checkup institution, insurance company) as a value-added service, including health lecture, smoking session, weight control and chronic disease management and etc.

    Our Approach:


    Health Promotions & Activities for Community Members:

    For community members such as employees in company, we’ll provide health promotions and activities including nutrition, sleep management, stress management, maternity and pediatric care, and chronic disease prevention and etc, based on overall survey result.

    Such promotions and activities will lead cognitive and behavioral change to community members, and at the same time, HealthkeeperS will track the actual ROI for community.


    Tailor-Made Primary Healthcare Plan for Key Person & Their Family:

    For key persons and their family members, we’ll offer tailor-made primary health plan after face to face communication and evaluation. Basic plan includes diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep and psychological management, and any other service such as chronical disease management and rehabilitation needed by their family members.

    Such service are delivered by designated Nurse Practitioner and General Practitioner team through monthly or bimonthly face to face communication, along with our on-cloud health counselling. This designated team will also monitor your health situation regularly, adjust your healthcare plan accordingly, and arrange hospital registration when necessary.